En busca del cuarto pétalo (2011) "Searching for the fourth petal (60x48 inches)

Perfil de junio (2010) Profile of June (32x27 inches)

La vida (2010) The life (68x68 inches)

daily news ( 2010, 44x34 inches)

Puerta (2009) Door (28x36 inches)

Tum, tum, ¿quien anda ahi? (2009) Toc, toc, Who is it? (36x28)

Escapista (2009) Escape artist (40x30 inches)

Decadencia: saliendo del laberinto (2009) Decadence (48x24 inches)

De nada te vale (2009) You can't win (32x36) inches

In Gold we trust (2009) 48x36

Tourtous ways (2008) 48x36 inches

Our Lady of Manhattan (2008) 36x48 inches

Universo (2008) Universe (28x22) inches

Principio y fin (2008) The beginning and tne end (28x22 inches)

Angel (2008) 22x28 inches

Escape (2008)18x36 inches

Horario de oficina (2008) Office schedule (36x24 inches)

Hope (2008) 36x28 inches

Blue room (2008) 31x27 inches

A window (2008) 31,5x27,5 inches

Saudade (2008) 16x24 inches

Anunciación en La Habana (2008) Annunciation at Havana (21x27 inches)

Como paro esta lluvia (2007) You get choices (diptic 72x60 inches)

Así como en la tierra (2007) As in the earth (48x36 inches)

Entre la cama y la pared (2006) Between the bed and the wall (24x36)

Fruta discordante (2003) Controversial fruit (44x44 inches)

Pregúntale al corazón (2003) Ask your heart (44x44 inches)
Below this text were all my available paintings made it before the labyrinths.
I went trought differentes path since 1995 when I started to paint after more than ten years career doing clay and ink on paper.

Gods and beleivers (2003) 48x36

Daily walk (2003) 30x40 inches

Everybody nose (2002) 60x36 inches

Buscando al hombre justo (2002) Looking for a righteous man (36x48 inches)

What a melon smile (2001) 60x48 inches

El lector del rey (2000) King's lecturer (18x24 inches)

Lazo rosada (1999)) Pink ball tie (56x42 inches)

Beware og dog (1998) 40x30 inhes

Pañoleta roja (1997) Red scarf (60x48 inches)

Ciclista en amarillo (1997) Biker on yellow (48x36 inches)

The brune is back (on mazonite, 1997) 22x28 inches

Linchamiento de la escoba (1997) Brune's lynching (on mazonite) 22x28 inches

Espiral (1995) 36x48


Born Roberto Acosta on July 1961 at Havana, Cuba
“San Alejandro” Fine Arts Academy 1976-1981
Attended Juan C. Santana Contemporary Ceramic Atelier 1982-1986

Peninsula Fine Art Center, Virginia, USA.
Alicia Alonso, Cuban Ballet first figure.
Pablo Milanés- Cuban Singer.
Albita Rodriguez- Cuban Singer.
Pierre Richard- French comedian and film-maker.
Pottery Museum, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba.
"10 de Octubre" Municipal Museum, Havana, Cuba.

2006 Honored Mention Central Florida Art Show, Vero Beach, Florida.
2005 Included in the Drawing Center of New York Viewing Program.
1989, 90: Mentioned in 2nd and 3rd Decorative Arts Biennial “Domingo Ravenet”. La Lisa, Cuba.
1989 Included in Grand Theater of Havana Book of Honor for the performance “La Sala de las Sospechas”.
1985 Selected for Faenza Ceramic Triennial, Italy by Cultural Affairs Ministry of Cuba
1983 First prize for a Handicap’s Association logo competition.

Solo exhibitions
2009 “Huellas y Silencios” (shared with Colombian artist Rubby Cabrera)
Magenta Gallery, Guadalajara de Buga, Colombia.
2008 “Dédalo adentro” Clube literario du Porto, Porto, Portugal.
2007 “Trapped” Edgezones, Wynwood, Miami, Florida.
"Crónicas de UYUMBE" Santa Bárbara Commercial Center, Bogotá, Colombia.
"UYUMBE" Flaxman&Lopez Law Office, Miami.
2003 "Wong in the Gables" Portfolio Art Salon, Coral Gables, Florida.
2002 "Wong in New York" Circle City Gallery, Albany, New York.
2000 “Wong in DC” Café Nema, Washington DC.
1998 “Tránsito y espera” organized by Art Dealer Silvia Dorfman, Coral Gables.
1990 “Transición” Galiano Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
1989 “Etapas” Domingo Ravenet Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
1987 “Intentos” The Young Creators House, Havana Historic District, Cuba.
“Trazos de Transito” Verdún Theater Hall, Havana, Cuba.
“Presentación” “Diez de Octubre” Student’s House, Havana, Cuba.

Group Shows
2010 Café X: The journey of Cuban Artist.
Errol Barrol Center for creative Imagination, West Indies University, Barbados.
Groups shows at Zu Gallery and Artnova Gallery, Miami
Galería Magenta 5th Aniversary Show, Guadalajara de Buga, Colombia.
2009 Group show at Artnova Gallery, Miami.
"Just one Island” Qbava Gallery, Union City, New Jersey
“Aqui estamos” Project Gallery Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
2008 “Aqui estamos” H&F Fine Arts. Washington DC.
"Cafe VIII, The Journeys of Cuban Artists" Temple University Art Gallery Roma, Italia
2007 Small scale exhibition at Boheme Art Gallery. Miami.
"Cafe VI: The Journey of Cuban Artists", Student Union Gallery,
University of Tucson, Tucson, Arizona.
2006 Vision Henegar Art Center, Melbourne, Florida.
Central Florida Art Show. Indian River County Court House, Vero Beach.
2005 Included in the Drawing Center of New York's Viewing Program
"Cafe V: The Journey of Cuban Artists" Tempe Public Library,
Tempe, Arizona
"Cafe IV: The Journey of Cuban Artists" Estrella Community College, Avondale, Arizona
2004 “New Year Show” Rive Gauche Gallery, Coconut Grove, Fl.orida.
2003 “Postcard from the Edge" Galerie Lelong, New York.
"Cafe III The Journey of Cuban Artists" State University of Arizona West. Phoenix, Arizona.
"De aqui y de allá" Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, Maryland.
"Publicarte" Abanico Theatre, Coral Gables.
"Different strokes" Art Lovers Fine Art, Coral Gables.
"Lézar cubain" Atelier 19 Paris, FRANCE..
1st Mayaimi. Salon. Power International Gallery, Coral Gables.
2002 Abanico Theatre opening show. Coral Gables.
"Postcard from the Edge" organized by Visual AIDS. New York
Hispanic heritage show organized by City of Miami.
“First work on paper Salon” Sono Gallery, New York.
“Group show” Kris Lopez Fine Art, Homestead, Florida
2001 “From childhood”; Polish –American Club, Miami.
2000 “New Works” Wilson Center Gallery Washington DC
“Artomatic” Washington DC
“MY DC” Wilson Center Gallery
“Picnic” Wilson Center Gallery.
“New Millennium Show” Lindenberg Gallery, Chelsea,
Manhattan, New York.
“Six degrees of inspiration” Peninsula Fine Art Center,
Newport News Virginia.
1999 “Homenage to a Modern Icon” (Salvador Dali In Memoriam)
Fraser Gallery, Georgetown, Washington DC.
”Second All Media Annual Exhibition” Eklectikos Gallery, Georgetown.
1998 “Five generation of Cuban artist” private exhibition
Rockville, Maryland.
World Fair at Miami Beach, Florida
1997 Group Show at Artesanos Gallery Design District, Miami.
Group Show at Kris Lopez Fine Art Gallery. Homestead.
1996 Group Show at Gatsby Art Gallery, West Palm Beach. Florida
1995 Ceramic League of Miami Annual Exhibition, Kendall, Miami.
1994 Group Show at RSVP Collection, Design District, Miami
1993 Group Show at Meza Fine Art, Coral Gables
1992 Bogotá International Book Fair. CORFERIAS Pavillion. Bogota, Colombia.

Exhibitions in Cuba

1991 “De La Habana a Vallauris” Castillo de la Real Fuerz -Royal Army Castle- Havana Historic District.
International Craft Fair, PABEXPO Pavilion. Reparto Siboney, Havana
Third Biennial of Applied Art Domingo Ravenet, Domingo Ravenet Gallery.
1990 “Como un poliedro” Castillo de la Real Fuerza. Havana Historic District.
Professor Salon. Galeria “L”. El Vedado, Havana.
1989 “En tono menor” Castillo de la Real Fuerza.
Performance “”La sala de las sospechas” Imago Gallery, Grand Theater of Havana.
First National Salon of Young Artist “House of Young Creator”. Havana.
Second Small Scale Format National Salon. Las Tunas.
Second Biennial of Applied Art Domingo Ravenet, "Domingo Ravenet" Gallery. La Lisa, Cuba.
1988 National Craftmen Association exhibition. Casa de la Obra Pia. Havana Historic District.
“Suave y fresco” (Young Artist National Association exhibition) National Museum of Cuba.
“L” Gallery Anniversary exhibition (small scale show) El Vedado, Havana
Professors Salon .Teodoro Ramos Blanco Gallery. El Cerro, Havana
1987 Fourt National Ceramic Salon, Isla de la Juventud.
University Salon. Galeria “L”, Havana, Cuba
1986 Contemporary Cuban Sculpture, Second Biennal of Havana
"Diez de Octubre" Gallery, Havana
Professor’s Salon, Galiano Gallery. Havana, Cuba
1980-1985 “13 de Marzo” salon, “L” Gallery, Havana, Cuba
“Literature in Visuals Art, “Oriente” Gallery, Santiago de Cuba
1st Small scale format Salon, “Habana Libre” Hotel, Vedado, Havana.
Student’s exhibition in and out of "San Alejandro" Fine Art Academy.

Roberto Wong have published several short stories (in spanish) at different specialized web sites also has illustrated for some news papers and magazines in Havana, Cuba and has tougth art classes in Havana, Bogotá and Florida.